8100 --12" Compound miter saw with upper table( AC induction motor)

For Aluminum Cutting



The AC INDUCTION MOTOR first be used
in miter saw with Chinese patent
Powerful 7 AMP AC INDUCTION motor
Special AC INDUCTION MOTOR, Work with low noise for environmental protection
No carbon brush and no gear for long life
Bevel cuts up to 45
° to the left
Miter cuts 0-50° left and 0-50
° right
Weighs only 20 kgs. for easy portability
Precision machined aluminum base ensures accurate cuts
Performs compound cutting operations
Positive stops at :22 5
° , 45° , right or left and 0°(90cuts)

Standard Equipment (Includes)
Socket wrench
Work Rest
Ext Brace
Dust bag
Hex Key

AMPS (220V)
7 A
Continuous Rating Input
No load speed
3000 RPM
Blade Diameter
12" ( 305mm )

or 30mm

Net Weight
20 Kgs
Bevel Stops
0° and 45°
Miter Angle Range
50°Left/ 50°Right
Positive Miter Detent Stops
0°, 22.5°,45°
Max. cutting capacities
at 90°/90°
170x70 mm
at 45°/45°
55x50 mm